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eco friendly floodprotection

Universal flood barrier

  • at heights of 45 cm to 2.60 m
  • it can be set up by 2-4 helpers
  • at a speed of about 100 m/hour
  • without using heavy machinery
  • without construction measures
  • without unnecessary material transport!

Those who want to win the fight against floodwaters, can leave nothing to chance...

Climatologists throughout the world have long agreed: Flood catastrophes - some of them with devastating inundations of entire residential areas or of the habitats of flora and fauna - are becoming increasingly common.
Effective flood protection is therefore essential. MOBILDEICH engineers have developed a new, highly efficient tube system that has been approved in practice many times. MOBILDEICH permits flood barriers up to a height of 2.60 m in a very short time without additional material transport and without using heavy machinery.

Flexible flood control

Flood control without construction measures The system does not require fixed installations on-site, and can be flexibly arranged. No construction measures or preparation of the substratum are necessary!

Fast flood protection

What makes it special: The entire MOBILDEICH system can be set up by only 4 persons! Mobildeich im Park During a catastrophe, when every minute counts, they can set up approx. 100 meters per hour. Mobildeich far surpasses any sandbag.


Exhibition & Expert conference

IWASA - Internationales Wasserbau-Symposium Aachen

January, 7.- 8.th 2016

Mobile or non-mobile: Traditional and innovative flood protection in practice and research.

The conference is held in german language.

Technologiezentrum Aachen (TZA), Dennewartstr. 25/27, D-52068 Aachen, Germany

Information and contact

Exhibition & Expert conference

acqua alta 2016 - Essen

January, 13.- 14.th 2016

Trade fair and Congress for Flood Protection, Climatic Consequences and Disaster Management.

The conference is held in german language.

Hall 10, Booth C115

Messe Essen, Norbertstraße 2, 45131 Essen, Germany

Information, tickets and contact



Mobildeich references

See for yourself: how does Mobildeich work in practise?

Developed by
Dr.-Ing W. Wagenhuber.

Flexible flood barriers and water management in perfection: Mobildeich is used by fire brigades, German Federal Agency for Technical Relief, Commercial and industrial services. Mobildeich is the safest fully mobile flood barrier in the world. In comparison to other fully mobile water barrier systems, it offers shortest assembly time and best sealing qualities while no fixed installations are required on-site. On appropriate surfaces, Mobildeich is capable of overflowing.